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Gold Price Today: After yesterday’s rise, gold and silver came down again, what was the price of 10 grams of gold today?

Gold-Silver Price: Multi-commodity exchange ( MCX) and the Sarrafa market both saw a boom on Monday. Lake Ein Tuesday is seeing a turn of c in Sarrafa Bazaar. Both precious metals are seen to accelerate on the Halank i MCX. Despite the fall in the price of gold, 54 thousand rupees are above the price of 10 grams. During the Nawbar, the price of gold and silver in the Sarrafa market was severely accelerated. During the whole month silver had climbed to Rs 6000 and gold 2600 rupees 10 grams.

Silver closed at Rs 67512 Prat 10 gram
Goldman, which closed at Rs 54260 on Monday at 54260 on multi-commodity exchange ( MCX ), started off fast on Tuesday. At around one in the afternoon it was seen trading at Rs 54465 with a speed of Rs 205. Similarly silver was closed at Rs 67512 Prat 10 gram and it was seen trading at Rs 67818 with a speed of Rs 274 at around one o’clock. Gold making the record in August 2020 is away from its record rate of Rs 56,200.

Softness in Sarrafa Bazaar
Sarrafa Bazaar also closed on Monday with gold and silver speeding. Lake Ein Tuesday is seeing c irradiation in both precious metals. Despite this, gold remains above 54 thousand rupees. India Bullions Association (https://ibjarates.comAccording to the price released on Tuesday from ), the price of 24 carat gol reached 54180 prat 10 grams with a c fall of Rs 68. Also, silver with 999 p your ity broke 454 rupees and reached 66444 rupees prat ileo. The rate of gold with 23 carats reached Rs 53963, Prat 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 40635 18 40635 10 10 10.

During the first wave of the Cove Aid epidemic, the gold August reached Rs 56,200 in 2020. This is its high level till date. The gold level that is going on at the moment is also close to the record level throughout the year.

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