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Goa has overtaken Delhi! Anand Mahindra told how in a tweet!

Anand Mahindra often shares posts with his Twitter handle. Sometimes his posts are related to some indigenous invention and sometimes he also shares interesting facts with his followers. Now he has made an interesting tweet related to India. In this tweet, he has shared a map which shows the number of families having a car in India. That is, in which state how many people are there who own one or the other car. A survey has been mentioned in this post whose figures are very interesting.

Anand Mahinda has shared a special map in his recent Twitter post, in which the number of people having a car per household in Indian states has been told. While sharing the post, Anand Mahindra had asked the users what do you think about this? A map has been shown in it which shows that only 7.5% of the total people in India have cars. And the more shocking thing is that Goa has the maximum number of cars as compared to cities like Delhi or Mumbai. In Goa this figure is 45.2 per cent. That is, Goa has the highest number of 45.2 percent car owners in the whole of India.

Anand Mahindra tagged this tweet and followed it up with another tweet in which he expressed surprise that this data does not match any other data like literacy rate, per capita income level or geographic character. It has been told in this survey that the families of Bihar have the least number of cars. Only 2% of car owners live in Bihar. Is. The surprising thing here is that only 19.4% of the households in Delhi have a car. Only 8.7% of households in Maharashtra own a car. This survey has been done by the National Family Health Survey.

The survey shows that people in hilly states have more cars. In these Jammu Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim. Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Kerala, Punjab etc. At the same time, in states like Haryana, Gujarat, Meghalaya, less than 10 percent of families own a car.


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