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Gmail’s new feature rocked! Work became easier, users were delighted

Be it school, college or office work or the way to use any app, our email id is definitely used everywhere. Talking about email, perhaps the first name that will come to the mind of all of us is ‘Gmail’. Most of the people’s mail id remains on Gmail. Recently, this Google mailing platform has released a beautiful feature, due to which the users are very happy. Let us know what this feature is and how it can help users.

Gmail released new feature 

According to a report by 9to5Google, Gmail has released a new feature, or rather, a new option that will allow users to pause their Gmail notifications on the phone whenever they have Gmail open on their laptop or desktop. Let us tell you that at present, Google has not documented this feature of Gmail on the support pages, but this feature was active in 9to5Google’s test account. 

Notifications need to be paused

If you are wondering what will be the benefit of this feature, then let us tell you that with this feature you will be able to pause Gmail notifications on the phone when you are using Gmail on desktop as well. By pausing notifications in this way, you will not have to manage notifications in two places. 

How does this feature work 

To activate this feature, first you have to give permission to the browser that it can detect whether you are active or offline. As soon as you see the browser prompt, you have to click on ‘Continue’. After this, you have to give another permission prompt jawan and then this feature will be activated. There is currently no way to turn off or deactivate this feature or option on Gmail. 

According to the news, Gmail is going to release many new features in the coming time and this will be one of the most important features of Gmail.

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