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Gmail: Your Gmail account is not hacked, is it? Check through these simple steps


  • Gmail account hacking can be a big problem.
  • Use free password checkup software for account security.
  • If the account has been hacked, change the password immediately.

Navi Delhi: You on many smartphones, laptops Gmail The account is logging in. In that case, Gmail account could be hacked. Hackers are yours gmail account Hacking can steal your important data. So in that case, the Gmail account needs to be secure. You can easily check if your Gmail account has been hacked by following simple steps. Also, you can use some tips to keep your account secure.

Follow these steps to check yours Gmail What if the account was hacked?

  • First of all Google chrome browserserver free password checkup Download the software. The Chrome extension will check the login credentials after installation.
  • If your username and password are available in Google’s database, it will match one of the 4 crore passwords. The software will alert if the password is leaked.
  • A message will then appear on the screen informing you of the password checkup of the respective website. With this feature you can check any password saved in the browser. Here you will find information about data leaks.

If the account is hacked, you will need to follow a few steps. First, change your account password. Not only Gmail but also other important passwords need to be changed.

Here’s how to recover a Gmail account

  • First, go to the Account Recovery page.
  • Now if you don’t remember the password, answer different questions.
  • Now use recovery email or phone number.
  • You will then receive a recovery code.
  • You can also answer security questions.
  • Once you receive the recovery code on your email or mobile number, enter it in Gmail and then Google will ask you to change the password.
  • Sign in after changing password. Gmail will then ask you to perform a security check. Check the security and then change the security information.

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