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Gmail trick: Your Gmail account is full of useless emails? Gmail tips and tricks how to clean your Gmail storage

Gmail is used the most. This is the most popular service of e-mail. It has more than a billion users. Hundreds of mails come in the account a day. If there is no time, they are not able to be deleted and thousands of mails get accumulated on seeing. Many of them are spam mails. Many mails even come with heavy files that take up extra storage. Let us tell you, Google gives up to 15GB of storage to its Gmail users. To get more storage than this, a service has to be taken by spending money. Today we will tell you how you can delete unnecessary emails in a pinch.

Gmail tips and tricks how to clean your Gmail storage

Delete mail

Open a Gmail account. Type “has:attachment larger:10M” on the search bar. It will find matches that are above 10 MB. If you want to delete a large file, you can write any number in place of 10. You can delete unwanted mail by going to Gmail’s search result. Empty it by going to the Trash section. To delete old mail, type the sender’s name in the search bar. After all the mail has arrived, you can delete them.

How to save Gmail storage from getting full

For this, first of all unsubscribe unnecessary e-mails. Delete old e-mail. Keep in mind that after unsubscribing, it takes a few days for mail to be closed.

Remove blurry and duplicate photos

Visit your Google Photo Library once. See which photo is blurry. Which photo is a duplicate? Delete these photos.

Create another Gmail account and back up all photos

If you have a lot of data to scan, then you can quickly create a Gmail account. You can use this account for photos. In this situation, your stress will be reduced a lot.

Phone storage usage

If your phone’s storage is 256 GB or 512 GB, then you can move your photos here.

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