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Gmail Tips: Hackers have an evil eye on your Gmail! These 2 ways will keep your account secure

Gmail Tips And Tricks: Keep yourself safe with these two methods

Gmail Tips and Tricks: If you also use Google’s email service Gmail, then today we will tell you about some important things. Hackers keep finding new tricks to hack people’s accounts, in such a situation, let us know how you can protect your Gmail account from the evil eyes of hackers.

To protect your Gmail account from the evil eye of hackers, you will have to do two important things, firstly you will need a strong password and secondly the important thing is two factor authentication.

The first basic mantra to keep the account secure

To protect your Gmail account from hackers, first create a strong password. To create a strong password, you should use all three things: numbers, words and special characters. One thing to be noted is that while creating the password, do not use date of birth, name or mobile number even by mistake.

Second basic mantra to keep account safe

Use two-factor verification to protect your Gmail account from hackers. These security features of Gmail create another layer of security on your account, the advantage of enabling this feature will be that your account will not be opened just by entering the password.

To log in to your account, a pop-up appears on your device for verification. You will see three numbers on the computer screen and in the verification pop-up on the mobile, you will see three numbers but one number will be the same as on the computer. It will also be visible on the screen and in the pop-up notification visible on your mobile.

As soon as you tap on this number, your account will be logged in. Text message and call etc. can also be used for two space verification.


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