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Gmail is filled with redundant emails, so don’t worry, you can delete them together with this trick


A maximum limit of 100 has been given to delete emails at once.
Don’t forget to save the required email before deleting the email.
To delete the message, click on the Trash icon on the taskbar.

New Delhi: We all have thousands of emails in our Gmail inbox which do nothing but take up space. Cleaning these emails is a difficult task. That’s why we ignore them and gradually they go on increasing. Due to these unwanted emails, Gmail works slow. Understanding this problem, we will tell you a method with the help of which you can get rid of these emails.

A limit has been given to delete the email at once. Under this limit, you can delete 100 mails at once. This trick is only for web-based Gmail. So let’s tell you how to delete email.

how to delete email in bulk
First, take care of the emails you need. These emails will have to be marked as unread or it will have to be saved in another folder so that it does not get deleted by mistake.

In the next step open your inbox and type is:read command in the search bar and press enter. Gmail will show all the emails that you have read. Then select all the emails at once by clicking on the check box.

This will select 50-100 messages. Then the option of select all conversations that match this search will appear with the message selected in gray color. Once check that these emails which you do not want to delete are not selected, if they are then uncheck them. If not, then go back to select all conversation in the inbox interface.

To delete these messages, click on the trash can icon on the taskbar. As soon as you click on the task bar, Gmail will give an option to confirm. By clicking on the Ok button, all the emails will go to the Trash.

It takes time to delete these emails all at once, so don’t tamper with the system. After deleting the Gmail inbox will appear clean.

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