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Gmail: Email went to someone else by mistake, stop worrying, delete it like this


Every user has a solution to avoid this problem.
The Undo Send option has to be enabled by going to Settings.
Users have to set a cancellation period for this.

new Delhi. Email frequently for business and job related tasks (Office Email) are done. nowadays in every office Gmail Communication is done through. Its biggest advantage is that all the talks and discussions remain on record. However, many times a mistake is made in sending the mail and as a result, the mail is sent to someone else and goes to someone else. But every user has a solution to avoid this problem. Perhaps many Gmail users do not know that you can recall, delete or undo the mail sent to someone.

If you want to recall or undo the mail like this but you do not know the way, then we tell you the way. Let us know how the email can be recalled, deleted or undone after sending it.

Follow these steps on Gmail
To take advantage of this facility, first you have to login to your Gmail account and then enable a feature by going to Settings. For this you follow the process given here…

    • After login to Gmail, you have to go to the General tab. You will find this option in the settings. From the many options present here, click on the Undo Send option and enable it.
    • After this, you will have to enter the cancellation period ie after sending the email, the period to delete it within the stipulated time limit. Its range can be from 5 to 30 seconds. Then you can save these changes. Then you will be able to use Gmail’s Undo Send option.
    • After this, whenever you send an email to someone, you will see a small popup on the bottom left side, which will also have the option of Undo. Remember that as long as you have set the cancellation period, you will see the Undo option.
    • If you want to recall the email immediately after sending it, then you have to click on Undo. This will make your mail unsend ie it will not go.

At the same time, in the coming days, Gmail users are going to get another good news. Google has announced that it will soon add end-to-end encryption to its email service Gmail. With this, users will get another layer of data security.

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