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Global Warming: This small insect will become the cause of the great destruction of the world! Shocking revelation in the study

Global warming remains the biggest concern for the world today. The temperature of the earth is increasing continuously due to which natural calamities have started taking a vicious form. Scientists are constantly looking for ways to prevent global warming and control climate change. Meanwhile, a shocking study has come to the fore in which a small organism is being told as a major cause of global warming. Not only this, the number of these organisms increases twice as fast in increasing temperature. What is this study, and which creatures are threatening the earth, we tell you the whole thing.

Michigan University recently did a study in which termites global warming The effect of was studied. A shocking thing came out in this study that termites grow rapidly in increasing temperature. That is, their number starts increasing twice as fast. On the other hand, termite is an organism that eats wood. Another danger from this has also been told that such a process takes place at the time of eating wood, due to which carbon dioxide and other gases are also released. That is, termites also have a major contribution in the emission of the gas which is the biggest cause of global warming and it is directly shaking temperature is increasing. Study in Science Journal published has been done.

This means that both the things are having a direct effect on each other. Where on one hand the number of termites is increasing due to increasing temperature, on the other hand termites are helping in increasing the temperature of the earth. It has become a cycle with deadly consequences that scientists are worried about.

When termites eat dead wood, it releases gases like carbon dioxide and methane. By gathering in the atmosphere, these gases are becoming helpful in increasing the temperature of the earth. It has been revealed in the study that when there are hot conditions, termites start eating wood more rapidly. For example, it has been said that if the temperature rises by 10 degrees, termites start eating wood 7 times faster, due to which more carbon dioxide starts reaching the atmosphere.

climate change Termites are becoming a big factor in For this, scientists studied termites in different parts of the world. Scientists have studied areas of 6 continents along with North Queensland and Savannah to find out where dead wood termites are found and how fast they eat wood.


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