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Global Warming: Scientists are preparing to cool the sun to save the world from destruction!

The only planet in the solar system on which life is found is now moving towards becoming a hot furnace. Our earth is heating up very fast. We have been seeing the example of this in the form of seasonal cycle changing every year. The winter season in North India is not over yet but the temperature has started showing its colors. February, which gives a feeling of sweet cold, has lost its beauty these days with a temperature of 27 degrees. This is happening not only in India, but in every part of the world. The weather has changed its mood and now people are witnessing floods, cyclones, storms, snowfall and scorching heat.

warming earth Scientists have now embarked on a different path to prevent it from becoming a furnace of fire. Trying to curb the increasing pollution and reducing the amount of carbon dioxide may not save the world from destruction so soon, but what if the heat coming from the sun is reduced? This sounds very easy to hear. This is called Solar Geoengineering. Research has also started on this. What is Solar Geoengineering, we tell you in detail.

Scientists around the world are working on a technology that will harness the sun’s heat. It is like a balloon of ash coming out of a volcano blocking the coming rays of the sun from falling on the earth. Due to this, an attempt will be made to allow the heat of the sun’s rays to reach the earth in less quantity. The research is based on the theory that with the help of planes and large balloons, sulfur will be sprayed in the layer of the Earth’s atmosphere, which is called the stratosphere, which will reflect the sun’s rays, and the sun will fall on the earth. Less heat will reach inside. From this Earth’s rising temperature Will help to keep it low. This process will be able to give results very quickly, it is being said. Instead of shifting the entire world to a carbonless fossil fuel ecosystem.

one of reuters Report According to, in this direction Degrees Initiative An NGO named has made a lot of progress and has talked about funding around $ 9 million for research on this. In which researchers from 15 countries will participate, including names like Nigeria, Chile and India. It is also called Solar Radiation Modification (SRM). Through this funding, all kinds of expenses will be spent on computer modeling of this process till study. As simple and effective as solar geoengineering sounds, there are equally many risks associated with it.

The report states that solar radiation modification can also affect our climate system. Due to which everything from monsoon, storms, heat wave and biodiversity etc. can be affected. Due to this, the drought of countries like South Africa can take a more severe form. Or rice and maize production in the Philippines could also be badly affected. Universities like Harvard and Oxford are also busy with this research. Its opposition has also come to the fore in many parts of the world because on one hand this research Global warming On the other hand, it is also likely to have very deep effects on the climate system.


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