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Global Warming News: Even at night, the increase in temperature can increase the risk of death by 6 times; disclosed in the report

Impacts of Global Warming: A study published in The Lancet Planetary Health has revealed that excessive heat during the night can disrupt the normal functions of the body during sleep and less sleep can damage the body’s immunity. Which can increase the risk of heart disease, chronic diseases, inflammation and mental health conditions.

Effects of Global Warming: Due to climate change, these days the temperature is seen increasing even during the night time. Many scientists around the world believe that rising temperature at night can also increase the risk of death in humans. Scientists have also warned that the risk of death may increase by 6 times due to increase in night temperature in the future. A recent study conducted globally suggests that rising heat at night worsens sleep patterns. This also has a bad effect on people’s mind and can increase the risk of death in people. 

Death rate can increase by up to 60%

According to researchers from several countries around the world, such as China, South Korea, Japan, Germany and the US, extreme warm nights due to climate change are projected to increase the worldwide death rate by up to 60% by the end of the century. 

what the experts say 

Yuqiang Zhang, a climate scientist at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, US, and co-editor of the study, said the risks of rising night temperatures are often overlooked. Zhang, from the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering at the Gillings School, said the frequency and average intensity of warm nights will increase by more than 30 percent and 60 percent, respectively, by the year 2100. Whereas the daily average temperature will increase by less than 20 percent.

side effects of hot nights

The results suggest that the average intensity of hot night events will almost double by 2090. It is also being estimated that the temperature in 28 cities of East Asia may increase by 20.4 °C to 39.7 °C. The burden of disease will increase due to excessive heat which disrupts the normal sleep pattern. This is the first study to estimate the effects of increasing warmer nights on people due to climate change.

what the conclusion says

The findings showed that the estimated increase in mean daily temperature could lead to a significant increase in mortality. Climate change and global warming remain a worrying problem, even in view of the Paris Climate Agreement. Professor Haidong Kan from Fudan University in China said that our study highlights that in assessing the burden of disease due to non-optimal temperatures, government and local policy makers need to be able to control the change in temperature. Due to the ill effects on the health of the people should be considered.

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