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Glasses based on Google Glass help the blind to read and navigate the city

Although Google Glass smart glasses have completely failed as a mass product, they still found use in many areas. For example, startup Envision is using a corporate version of the gadget paired with artificial intelligence technologies to help people with vision problems.
Envision glasses
A miniature camera is integrated into the glasses, with the help of which the device analyzes objects, people, text and everything else around the user, and then voices visual information to the owner through the built-in speaker. The Envision development can also warn of someone approaching or describe what is in the room.
Mike May – one of the owners of the gadget – shared his experience. He described how he uses the video call feature to connect with friends and family when he needs help navigating in unfamiliar places. In this case, the image from the glasses is simply broadcast to the person at the other end.

“I called one of my colleagues, Evelyn, and asked: “What do you see?” She described the environment to me: she told me where the tables were, and in general told me about the environment, ”said Mike May, chief ambassador for Goodmaps, an accessible navigation company.

The problem is that a modified version of Envision’s Google Glass is being sold on the startup’s website for €3,268.91. However, this may not be such a high price for the ability of a blind person to independently navigate in space and even read the texts around.
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