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Gift vouchers are available for selling old phones, Flipkart launched Sell Back Scheme

Flipkart Update News: To buy new mobile phones, you turn to the e-commerce platform Flipkart or Amazon. Now along with buying new phones, you can also sell old mobiles on the e-commerce platform. Flipkart has launched the Sell Back Scheme for old smartphones. Flipkart says that in this scheme, where people will get money from the sale of useless smartphones in homes, while getting rid of e-waste will get rid of it to some extent.

At present, Flipkart has introduced this scheme only for old smartphones. Soon, you will also be able to sell old feature phones here. This scheme of Flipkart has been started for more than 1700 cities and towns of the country including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Patna.

This new sale back scheme of Flipkart is for smartphones of all brands. Here you can sell any of your old smartphone. The company has brought this scheme to reduce the e-waste i.e. electronic waste from old and unused phones.

what is the scheme
To sell any old phone in Flipkart Sell Back Scheme, you have to answer some questions asked by Flipkart. In these questions, you will have to fill the information of the brand, model etc. of the phone sold. Company employees will come to pick up the phone from you within 48 hours of answering the questions. After verifying the phone, you will be given a gift voucher. This gift voucher can be used to buy any item from Flipkart.

old phones becoming e-waste
While launching this scheme, Flipkart said that according to the IDC report, there are about 125 million old phones in India at present, out of which only 20 percent is reaching the refurbish market. More than 85 percent of old phones are going in the garbage, which is very dangerous for the environment. There is a need to do e-waste management for disposal of old phones.

Flipkart says that the Sell Back Scheme has been brought so that the user can get a reliable platform to sell their old phones and they can get the right price for the phone.

how to sell your old phone
You have to go to the Flipkart app menu bar. There you will get the option of Sell Back. As soon as you tap on this option, you will be taken to the Sell Back Program. Here tap on Sell Now and answer the simple questions asked. In these questions, you will have to fill the brand of the phone, model number, IMEI number etc. Here after you have entered your location and other information, you can schedule the time to pick up the phone to the Flipkart executive.

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