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Get rid of the hassle of remembering passwords, know what is Google’s password manager?


You can always keep the website secure through Google Chrome Password Manager.
Use this to get rid of the problem of frequently forgetting passwords.
While giving smartphone or laptop to anyone, first secure the password.

new Delhi: While visiting any website online, we log in to it by entering email id and password. It is very difficult to remember it by creating different passwords for all the accounts. Due to not visiting any website or software for a long time, people also forget it. Do you also have the problem of forgetting password? Now with the help of Chrome Password Manager, you will be able to remember it easily.

Google Password Manager can be used to get rid of the worry of forgetting passwords again and again. This is very different from the autofill feature.

what is google chrome password manager
Actually people forget it after creating the password. Apart from creating new passwords while visiting any website, Google Chrome Password Manager also helps in remembering the old ones. Many times people are unable to create a secure password in a hurry. In such a situation, it is very difficult to avoid data hacking. Once you forget to log out after logging in to any website, there is a lot of danger about it.

Unique password created for all accounts
While visiting different websites, you can keep it secure by creating a unique password. While using any service online, Google Chrome Password Manager gives suggestions about it. By the way people have been using autofill passwords since a long time ago. Similarly, this feature can also be used. For this, you can log in to different websites by clicking on that website and above the password.

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Keep these things in mind while creating a password
Most people enter mobile number or someone’s name while creating a password. If hackers have data then it is very easy to guess about it. In such a situation, you can create different passwords for all the websites. To remember this, take the help of Google Chrome Password Manager. You can secure it before giving smartphone and PC to anyone. In such a situation no one can misuse it.


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