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Geo will offer two days free service to these customers, see if you get any benefit.

New Delhi: Reliance Mumbai, the country’s financial capital, last Saturday Jio ‘S telecommunications service was affected. As the network went down, the users of Geo were very upset. Many users complained that the call was not connected and data was not accessed. People also complained about it on Twitter after the issue. Citizens were relieved after the service was disrupted for about 8 hours. In such a scenario, considering the complaints of the people, the company has announced that the company will compensate the users who face difficulties due to network down. Reliance Jio has said that the company will compensate the loss by providing two days free service to the users. This service was disrupted only in Mumbai, so many may be wondering who will take advantage of this service and what will have to be done for it? Let’s learn all the details.

Who will benefit: The company will offer this free service only to users in Mumbai to compensate customers. Because, only Mumbai users had to face the problem of network down in the whole country and users had to face many problems. According to the company, the users who are being given this facility. These free services will be added to their existing recharge packs. That is, the day your existing pack expires. On that day it will be extended for two days. The company has also apologized to all its customers after the telecom service was affected. “Our team solved this network problem in a matter of hours,” Jio said. But, we understand that this was not a good experience for you and we are sorry about that.

Geo’s network began to go down last Saturday around mid-morning. Many used social media to remember the situation through their alternative SIM network or Wi-Fi connection. While the Jio mobile networking service’s server was down, Twitter was flooded with memes. Most of the complainants were from Mumbai and surrounding areas. Concerned officials had started tagging the handle to warn people of their displeasure.

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