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General Motors will stop supporting Apple Car Play and Android Auto in its EVs, know the reason

General Motors EVs: Vehicle manufacturer General Motors is going to remove the support of Apple Car Play and Android Auto from its electric vehicles in the coming time. According to a media report, the company has announced this through a press release. Although these changes will not be seen immediately, but it is sure to be done.

This feature will continue to be available in other cars

The company has said that it will continue to support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in its ICE vehicles. According to the report, the company will continue to offer this feature in the Chevrolet Silverado EV till 2024, but this feature will not be available in the upcoming GM Blazer EV. Changes for the Chevrolet Equinox EV, Sierra EV and Cadillac Celeste will also be announced at a later date.

What is the reason?

Although many people might be wondering why the company is doing this? So the company has given its answer in its report that it is working in collaboration with Google to use its in-house software with advanced systems in the upcoming cars. General Motors says that in future, advanced driver assist systems and complex vehicle displays will be designed to work better using in-house software and phone passthrough. Due to which the new services of both the company’s in-house system automaker and third-party companies can be easily upgraded.

What did the company say?

In the report, General Motors Chief Digital Officer Edward Kummer said that “when we outfit our EVs with our Altify software platform, we can easily scale new in-vehicle technologies with over-the-air updates.” We are doing this to continuously improve the experience of our customers.”


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