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Gautam Adani slips to this number in the list of world’s richest, Mukesh Ambani out of top 10

Top 10 Billionaires List: Recently there was news that Gautam Adani of India has overtaken Bill Gates in the list of world’s richest and he has come in fourth place. However, there has been some change in the list of billionaires due to the spectacular jump in the US markets yesterday. The most important thing is that India’s Gautam Adani has once again fallen behind Bill Gates and has come in fifth place.

In the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, India’s Mukesh Ambani is currently out of the list of top 10 rich and has slipped to 11th place. Earlier, he was at the tenth position in this list.

How much did the wealth of the world’s top 10 richest people increase
There was a tremendous jump in the US markets yesterday and after this the wealth of the world’s richest man Elon Musk has increased further. Yesterday, his wealth increased by $ 4.36 billion and his total wealth increased to $ 248 billion. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has moved to second place, overtaking Bernard Arnault. Jeff Bezos’s wealth has increased by $ 1.36 billion in one day and now his net worth has come down to $ 146 billion.

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Bill Gates’s wealth increased more than Gautam Adani
Bill Gates and Gautam Adani both have a net worth of $116 billion, but yesterday Bill Gates’s wealth increased by $2.58 billion and Gautam Adani’s wealth increased by $1.46 billion, due to which Bill Gates came fourth and Gautam Adani in fifth place. .

Know the names of the rich from sixth to tenth place
Larry Page is sixth, Warren Buffett seventh, Sergey Brin eighth. Steve Ballmer is currently in 9th place. Larry Ellison is in 10th place.

If you see the name in the list of rich like this

Elon Musk
Jeff Bezos
Bernard Arnault
Bill Gates
gautam adani
larry page
Warren Buffett
Sergey Brin
Steve Ballmer
larry edition
At the same time, Mukesh Ambani has come in 11th place.


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