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Garena Releases List Of Top 10 Guns Of Free Fire MAX, Know Full Details

Garena has released the list of Top 10 Guns of Free Fire Max. This list is for Clash Squad Mode and Battle Royale Mode. Let us tell you about the guns of these two different modes.

Free Fire MAX is a popular battle royale game from India. The popularity of this game is increasing day by day. There are many special items available in this game. Of all these items, a gun is also a special item. The gun found in Free Fire Max helps gamers win. 

Different types of short-range, mid-range and long-range guns are present in this game, which gives gamers victory in all types of games. Let us tell you about 10 such guns of Free Fire Max , which Garena has described as the best in different categories. Garena has also shared the figures for these guns. 

Clash Squad

Talking about Clash Squad in Free Fire Max, there are many guns in it too. Garena has released the rank of Top 10 Guns by Killing Rate. It is as follows: 

  • UMP: 0.82 kill rate
  • GROZA: 0.80 kill rate
  • Thompson: 0.80 kill rate
  • FAMAS–II: 0.76 kill rate
  • Bizon: 0.74 kill rate
  • PARAFAL: 0.73 kill rate
  • MAC10: 0.71 kill rate
  • MP5: 0.70 kill rate
  • AC80: 0.70 kill rate
  • M14–II: 0.70 kill rate

Battle Royale

Battle royale mode is the most popular mode of this game. Guns in this mode are also ranked according to kill rate. It has some SMGs including long range guns.

  • M4A1–z: 0.99 kill rate
  • M14–III: 0.93 kill rate
  • Kar98k–III: 0.87 kill rate
  • GROZA: 0.81 kill rate
  • SVD: 0.80 kill rate
  • VSS–III: 0.79 kill rate
  • GROZA–X: 0.71 kill rate
  • SVD–Y: 0.70 kill rate
  • AC80: 0.69 kill rate
  • M249–X: 0.58 kill rate

Top Guns of Free Fire Max

Therefore, in both these modes of Free Fire Max, these 10-10 guns are ranked by Garena according to the kill rate. In such a situation, if you need great guns in these modes, then you can choose any of these guns. There are three types of guns available in these short range , mid-range and long-range. According to the kill rate, it seems that if you use any of these guns, then you can get great success in the game.

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