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Gaming in Russia is a PC, online and a way to escape from problems

HP conducted the Global Gaming Survey on how the pandemic affected people’s perception of video games. The survey was conducted in 13 countries, including Russia.

In our country, more than 1000 people were interviewed, and below you can see the final results.

For example, a study found that 84% of gamers started playing again. Only here it is not very clear what this means. This hardly means that 84% of the respondents had not played for a long time, but this year they suddenly returned to their old hobby.

Speaking of more useful statistics, it should be noted that only 10%, as it turned out, play alone. The vast majority of gamers now prefer online in one form or another. In most cases, this means playing with friends or just other gamers in a particular project. But 38% also play with their children, and 13% have connected their grandparents to this, which is also very amusing.

It is also important to note that 57% indicated that playing helped them cope with loneliness, and for 37% it was a way to cope with anxiety. That is, games, at least in our country, for the most part have value, not as some kind of entertainment, but as a way to escape from problems.

It is also important that 59% of gamers in Russia prefer PCs, smartphones and tablets are chosen by 27% and only 14% prefer consoles.

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