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GameSir X3 gamepad cools the smartphone during the game

The presentation of a new controller for Android smartphones GameSir X3 took place on the IndieGoGo crowdfunding platform. Against the background of analogues, it immediately stands out with some unique features, including a built-in cooling system and the ability to customize controls.

GameSir X3 is designed for Android smartphones with USB Type-C connector, the length of which is from 110mm to 179mm. It is important that the requirements indicate Android 9 Pie or a newer version of the OS. The accessory weighs approximately 270 grams. The gamepad is equipped with an additional USB Type-C port, which allows you to recharge your smartphone while playing.

On the back of the controller is a cooler that helps cool the smartphone. According to the manufacturer, with prolonged use, the difference in temperature with and without a gamepad can reach approximately twice the value.

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GameSir X3

When creating the novelty, the developer took into account a lot of feedback on the design of previous iterations of the X2 controller. Thus, the user now has much more freedom in customizing the controller for themselves. For example, the face buttons (ABXY) are mounted on magnets, which makes it possible to change their location in the style of Xbox (ABXY) or Nintendo style (BAYX). Similarly, there are interchangeable D-Pad designs and different stick options. The triggers are rated for three million clicks. 

There is a discount for GameSir X3 early buyers during the crowdfunding period, making the controller available for $69 instead of $99. Full production will begin in May, and shipping to the first customers will start in June.


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