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Games for everyone. Video Game Accessibility Awards Winners Announced

Although the main releases of 2021 have long been known, this is by no means a reason to stop giving hits what they deserve. And if the best titles were shot earlier, now it’s the turn to reward the most affordable ones.


The organizers of the Video Game Accessibility Awards have finally announced the list of the most comfortable and convenient titles for people with disabilities. Below is a list of applicants and laureates in various categories.

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Ability to bypass (Games where you can skip difficult segments)

  • Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart
  • Life is Strange: True Colors
  • Unpacking

Help AI

  • Forza Horizon 5
  • Far Cry 6
  • Psychonauts 2

Help from another player

  • Age of Empires IV
  • Back 4 Blood
  • It Takes Two

Clear text  (Releases with the most readable and customizable fonts)

  • Halo Infinite
  • Boyfriend Dungeon
  • Loop Hero


Input Reduction (Games in which you can reduce the number of commands needed for important actions)

  • Fights in Tight Spaces
  • Before Your Eyes
  • Escape From Tarkov

Improved accuracy (Titles that allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the movement of the sight)

  • Far Cry 6
  • Chivalry II
  • Back 4 Blood

Reconfiguration (Releases that allow you to remap key functions according to your preferences)

  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
  • It Takes Two
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Other channel (Games in which important information can be obtained in an alternative way)

  • “Guardians of the Galaxy”
  • Before Your Eyes
  • Unpacking


Practice Zone (Releases that can be practiced outside of training mode)

  • Monster Hunter Rise
  • Back 4 Blood
  • Halo Infinite

The organizers (including former IGN employee Alana Pierce), as expected, not only sparingly named the winners, but held a whole stream. A recording of the ceremony can be viewed on YouTube .


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