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Gamers are expressing discomfort over the absence of microtransactions in the free DLC for No Man’s Sky. They advocate for their inclusion.

Microtransactions have become a source of irritation for modern gamers, as developers increasingly attempt to integrate them into classic single-player titles in pursuit of additional revenue. However, an unusual scenario has emerged with No Man’s Sky, where fans are urging the creators to introduce microtransactions into the game due to public unease.

No man's sky

Following the release of the Orbital update, a significant discussion erupted among No Man’s Sky enthusiasts on the social network X. It all started with a post by user Alejandro Argandona, who expressed the following sentiment:

“Sean, please stop. You can take a break now. Your game has become good, and we forgave you ten years ago.”

This message garnered immense attention, receiving nearly two million views, with many No Man’s Sky fans expressing solidarity with the author’s sentiment.

Some of the comments include:

“I find it discomforting that they haven’t released a single paid add-on. I feel guilty receiving continuous free content from a dedicated team without being able to support them financially.”

“We could simply purchase the Light No Fire expansion when it becomes available and gift copies to our friends. But I agree with your point.”

“I feel guilty for not enjoying this game.”

“Just provide us with a means to support you financially!”

In response to the demands for microtransactions, one user recalled Sean’s response: “Sean was like, ‘Shut up! Free update! Thanks for enjoying the game!'”

Another user shared their experience: “I purchased this game twice but never played it.”

It’s important to note that No Man’s Sky, released in 2016, initially faced backlash from gamers due to misleading advertising. However, since then, the developers have successfully transformed the public’s perception, significantly improving their Steam rating from the bottom to a respectable 78%.


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