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Game director of God of War 3 and Star Wars Jedi founded a new game studio

New game studios keep appearing and appearing – to the number of newly formed ones you can add the team of Stig Asmussen, game director of God of War 3 and the Star Wars Jedi duology. The studio is already working on an unannounced AAA action film.

Giant skull

The studio was named Giant Skull. Currently, it employs about thirty people, including developers of Star Wars Jedi and Fortnite; The team is busy with some big-budget third-person action. The game is unannounced, but Asmussen said that it will have a deep and detailed world, high freedom of action and a rich storyline.

Giant Skull has already found investors for its project, but in the future the team intends to cooperate with leading publishers. Recall that Stig Asmussen resigned from Electronic Arts in September 2023.


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