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Game director CoD: Warzone explained the lack of rotation of cards in the game

The other day, Call of Duty Warzone game director Josh Bridge gave an interview to a blogger in which he explained why card rotation has not yet been added to one of the most popular royal battles. 

Recently familiar to Warzone players, Verdansk has replaced Caldera. YouTube channel host TeeP thought it would be nice to include map rotation in the game so that gamers can choose the one they like. According to Warzone game director Josh Bridge, this is not possible due to the sheer size of the game.

“We want it too! But there is a technical problem: the size of the game. They’re just fucking awesome. If, for example, we disable Caldera and reclaim Verdansk, people will have to re-download distributions. And every time we do this, part of the audience will be lost, ”said Bridge.

Recall that earlier the dimensions of Call of Duty Warzone were discussed a lot on the network – after a series of patches, it got to the point that the game no longer fit on the base PS4 disk. As a result, the developers had to optimize the weight of distributions and allow gamers to download individual parts of the game.

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