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FreeDOS has received a major upgrade. What’s new?

The FreeDOS 1.3 operating system has been released as an open source operating system. The new build of the free desktop OS contains a number of fixes and improvements designed to expand its functionality when installed on older computers, and is already available for download.


The previous build of the OS was presented in 2016 – since then, its authors have made many changes to the work of their offspring. The new version implemented an updated FreeCOM command line, support for FAT32 logical partitions for older computers on the 8086 architecture, improved tools for working with floppy disks and network connections, as well as support for new software and games.

Other innovations include modifications to the installer for working with MBR disks, the possibility of setting regional standards, as well as adding unzip and zip utilities to the distribution kit for compressing and decompressing data. The system requirements of the OS have not changed much: an Intel 80386 processor or more powerful, from 2 MB of RAM and 10 MB of free hard disk space.

FreeDOS 1.3 supports hard drives up to 2 TB, optical disc drives, computer mice, and image printing. Despite the massive distribution of Window, the operating system is still used to pre-install on new PCs in order to reduce their cost, as well as an OS for embedded systems or a diagnostic tool. You can download the distribution kit of the operating system on the developers website .

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