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Free VIP Sim Card: No need to spend money for unique phone number, the company will send it directly to your home

VIP Sim Booking: When you go to buy a SIM card in India, try to have a unique and unique SIM card number because the phone number acts as a status symbol in a way and people like to have a VIP phone number. Although VIP phone number is available, but for this you may have to spend from ₹ 1000 to ₹ 10000. In such a situation, buying a VIP SIM card goes out of the budget of many people, but now you do not need to worry because you can now buy a VIP SIM card for free as well as get its home delivery done for free.

If you are finding this a joke then it is not because it is a fact and there is a telecom company that is offering VIP SIM card for free and it can be booked from the company’s website and delivered directly to your home. can be done. If you do not know anything about this company and this process, then today we are going to tell you about it.

Which company is offering vip sim card 

Vodafone Idea is offering VIP numbers for free. Not only this, the company is also doing free home delivery of VIP numbers. So let’s know through which process we can purchase it. 

What is the purchasing process 

If you are planning to buy a special number, then you will have to go to the company’s website, after which you will get the option to choose a free fancy number. When you select the number, you will have to choose between postpaid or prepaid. After this you will have to enter the home address, pin code and mobile number. Now you have to complete this process with OTP and the SIM is delivered to your home. By following this process, you can easily get the SIM at home, as we told that you get the option to choose the number, then you can buy the SIM of your choice and you can choose from many options.

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