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Free Fire MAX: Top 3 Landing Spots on the Bermuda Map, Where Landing Increases Chances of Winning

Free Fire MAX is a battle royale mobile game where win-win is decided in a short amount of time. In this fast paced game 50 players land on an island and the one who survives till the end becomes the winner. 

Many factors go into play in winning a match, including your skills, guns, gun skin, characters, and the landing spot on the map, including your pet. Choosing the right location can take you to the end of the game. 

You should have great loot at your location. The better weapons , helmets and vests you get, the higher your chances of winning the match. Along with this, your landing should be in a safe spot. From the very beginning, the chances of getting out in the middle of a tough fight are less. Here we are telling you about three such areas of Bermuda Map, where security is also available with good loot.

Free Fire MAX: Top 3 Landing Spots on the Bermuda Map

Cape Town: This area is on the side of the Bermuda map. Very few players land here. But the loot here is quite good. Cape Town’s buildings are also great for taking cover or attacking from cover. If the first circle is formed in this area then you will have advantage.

Hangar: This area of ​​the Bermuda map is spread over a long distance. It is on the western side of the map where players get off but the crowd is not very big. The loot in Hangar is also very good. The open area here also gives you the option of robbing and running away and staying till the end to push the ranks.

Graveyard: This isn’t a popular spot on the Bermuda map, but this small area offers good loot. This isn’t enough for a squad of four, but you can enter this area in either solo or duo mode. This area is on the side, so there are few players landing here.

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