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Free Fire Max Three Characters Whose Abilities Seems Good But Not So Useful

In Free Fire MAX, we are going to talk about three such characters, who look great, their abilities are also strong but when we do gaming, they do not get much benefits.

Free Fire MAX is a popular battle royale game in the world these days. At the same time, the craze of this game in India is very high. After the ban of PUBG Mobile, suddenly many users have downloaded this game. Although users started playing Free Fire at that time, but the Government of India had banned Free Fire along with many other apps in India, but the upgraded version of the same Free Fire Max is still played in India. In such a situation, gamers have also started playing Free Fire Max with their Free Fire ID. 

The highlight of Free Fire Max is the variety of different items available in it. Even of those items, the character is the most special. Free Fire Max’s characters take to the field and battle enemies for gamers. Let us tell you about those characters of Free Fire Max in this article, whose abilities look great, but in reality they do not prove to be as effective. 


The name of this female character named Caroline comes first in our list. The name of the ability of this character is Agility. With the help of this ability, this character turns very fast with a shotgun in hand. Apart from this, this character does not have any special abilities. 

At the same time, another character named Kelly can easily do the same thing. In such a situation, this character named Caroline cannot be used much during gaming.


You must have heard a lot about this female character too. This character also does not have much use during gaming. The ability name of this character named Misha is Afterburner. This ability works to increase the speed of the character while driving the vehicle and reduce the damage that comes. In such a situation, until the gamers do not feel the work of using a vehicle, then they cannot use this character for anything. In such a situation, sometimes using this character is not very beneficial.


A male character named Joshep is also included in this list. The name of this character’s ability is Nutty Movement. As you must have come to know from its name that its movement speed is high. Basically, this character’s movement speed is quite high for a short period of time when an enemy fires.

Let us tell you that Kelly can also give the benefit of this bean thing. In such a situation, it is not understood why any gamer should keep a character named Joseph with him.

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