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Free Fire Max 3 Rarest Gloo Wall Skins Till Before Ob35 Update

For users playing Free Fire MAX, using the Glue Wall skin is very effective. However, there are still many such glue walls in this game, which, despite being great, are not available to most users.

For gamers playing Free Fire MAX, every item found in this game is of great importance. There are many unique items available in this game, such as characters, pets, emotes, bundles, glue walls, vouchers, etc. Because of all these items, many users like to play Free Fire Max. Let us tell you about the glue wall, which is an important item in this game. 

The Glue Wall acts as a shield for any number of players on Free Fire Max’s Battlegrounds. With its help, you can avoid the bullets of enemies. Let us tell you about 3 such glue walls before the upcoming OB35 update in Free Fire Max , which despite being quite useful, very few gamers are present. 

Death Guardian

Death Guardian, one of the coolest Reagan glue wall skins in Free Fire Max, will help you beat your enemies. This glue wall skin is found on the top-up of 500 diamonds. Since its price is high, very few people can buy this skin. That’s why this glue wall skin becomes one of Free Fire’s rarest items. 

Ancient Order

Ancient Order is a great glue wall skin based on a ninja theme . It has the shadow shape of a warrior, with blades in both hands. It looks quite dangerous. The Ancient Order Gloo Wall skin in Free Fire MAX is available as a reward. It is being given on pre-order of Elite Pass. This glue wall skin has also been seen by very few users, due to which it becomes a rare item.

Glow Ramp

This is the smallest Glue Wall skin you’ll find in the game. However, even after this, it can easily cover the player. The Gloo Ramp will barely get a suitable surface area. You can get this Halloween based skin with Luck Royale Spin.

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