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Free Fire BR Ranked Season 27 has started, know at which level which rewards will be available

Free Fire has two unique ranking systems. One of them is named Battle Royale and the other is named Clash Squad. Both of these have a time period of 2 months. Battle Royale Ranked Season 26 is over yesterday i.e. on 15th April. 

Battle Royale Ranked Season 27 has also started now. All rankings have been reset and all players are rewarded at the end of the season. Many gamers have started their own process to fulfill their desire to reach the Grandmaster stage. 

new season rewards

The Battle Royale Ranked Season 27 of Free Fire or Free Fire MAX has started on April 15, 2022 at around 2:30 PM. This season will run for about two months i.e. till 16 June 2022.

In this season of Free Fire, players will get different rewards as they progress through the tiers and these rewards are as follows:

brown level

Bronze II: Summon Airdrop, Scan and 5x Rank Tokens

Bronze III: Respond Map and 10x Rank Tokens

silver level

Silver I: S27 Silver Banner, 2x Summon Airdrops, and 20x Rank Tokens

Silver II: Summon Airdrop, 2x Respond Map, and 30x Rank Tokens

Silver III: Bonfire, 2x Scan, and 40x Rank Tokens

gold level

Gold I: S27 Gold Banner, SPAS 12 – S27 Exclusive: Caroline, and 50x Rank Tokens

Gold II: Gold Royal Voucher, 50% EXP Card (3d), 70x Rank Tokens

Gold III: 2x Bonfires, 2x Summon Airdrops, and 90x Rank Tokens

Gold IV: 2x Summon Airdrop, 2x Respond Map, and 110x Rank Tokens

Platinum Level

Platinum I: S27 Platinum Banner, 50% XP Card – 3 Days, and 150x Rank Tokens

Platinum II: Bonfires, 2x Gold Royale Vouchers , and 200x Rank Tokens

Platinum III: 3x Scan, 2x Summon Airdrop, and 250x Rank Tokens

Platinum IV: 3x Gold, 3x Respond Map, and 300x Rank Tokens

Diamond Level

Diamond I: S27 Diamond Banner, 50% Gold Card – 3 Days, and 350x Rank Tokens

Diamond II: 3x Bonfire, 2x Fragment Carat, and 425x Rank Tokens

Diamond III: 3x response map, 3x fragment caret, and 525x rank tokens


Diamond IV: 3x Summon Airdrop, 3x Gold Royale, and 625x Rank Tokens

Heroic: S27 Heroic Banner, S27 Heroic Jacket, and Season 27 Heroic Avatar

Master: S27 Master Banner, S27 Master Avatar + 200x Universal Fragment

Gandmaster Level

Players who maintain their specific BR rankings through the end of the season in Free Fire will be awarded season rewards for the Grandmaster level:

Grandmaster I: Battle Royale Grandmaster 1 (60d) and Battle Royale Grandmaster Avatar (60d)

Grandmaster II: Battle Royale Grandmaster 2 (60d) and Battle Royale Grandmaster Avatar (60d)

Grandmaster III: Battle Royale Grandmaster 3 (60d) and Battle Royale Grandmaster Avatar (60d)

Let us tell you that just yesterday, Free Fire has released the trailer of its first animated film. Garena is going to show the difficulties faced in the family of the main character Hayato of the game through this film. Garena has informed that this film will be released on April 23.


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