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Fraud Alert: Government warns SBI users to delete ‘Ha’ message immediately; Otherwise …

New Delhi: State Bank of India (SBI) The government has warned the account holders about a message. The government agency PIB has issued an advisory. Their customers Bank account Messages are coming that will be blocked. The government has said that such SMS and calls should not be answered. Also, SBI Account holders are asked not to click on any link in such SMS and if such a message is received, they are asked to delete it immediately. PIB has tweeted that the message that your SBI bank account will be blocked is fake. A photo of such a fake message has also been shared in the tweet.

The government has warned bank customers not to reply to emails / SMS asking them to share private or banking information. If you receive any such message, report it immediately to [email protected] PIB has informed about this fake message coming to the customers in a tweet. This fake SMS states, ‘Dear Customer, Your SBI BANK Documents have expired. Your account will be blocked. Click on the following link to start the account: https: //sbikvs.ll. ‘ Meanwhile, this link is fake.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time such fake messages have been sent to bank account holders. This year too, SBI had warned its customers in March. The bank had warned the customers against fraud in the name of KYC. It was claimed that the SBI account was closed due to non-compliance with KYC rules. Meanwhile, customers are warned from time to time by the bank about such fake messages. So don’t reply to any fake message or link. Bank account information should not be shared with anyone. Otherwise your bank account will be empty in just a few seconds.

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