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France imposes emergency on New Caledonia, 17 thousand km away, sea island becomes victim of violence

New Caledonia Riots: A riot has broken out on a foreign island occupied by France. After the situation worsened, French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal has imposed emergency on New Caledonia. New Caledonia is an island which is occupied by France, but there is a different law there. The distance from France to New Caledonia is about 17 thousand kilometers. Violence broke out on the island after a bill was presented in the Paris Parliament regarding New Caledonia.

According to Reuters, a bill was introduced in the French Parliament, after the passage of which French residents living in New Caledonia for 10 years were going to get the right to vote. After this step of France, riots started in New Caledonia. The Kanak community of New Caledonia feels that after the French people get the right to vote, the voting power of the natives here will reduce.

Emergency imposed for riot control
France declared a state of emergency in the Pacific island of New Caledonia on Wednesday after four people, including a police officer, died in riots over electoral reform. This emergency was implemented at 5 am (local time) on Wednesday. After this, government officials in New Caledonia have got additional legal powers. The French Prime Minister said that emergency has been imposed to control the riots.

Additional police sent to the island
The rioters set fire to many shops and houses before the emergency. During this, the rioters looted shops and started attacking the police. A police officer was shot in the head. There are already 1800 policemen on the island and now France has sent an additional 500 police personnel. Schools and airports have been closed and curfew is already in place in the capital. Prime Minister Gabriel Attal has said that violence of any kind will not be tolerated on the island.

History of New Caledonia
According to CNN report, New Caledonia was captured by France in 1853. For a long time, people of the native Kanak community have been demanding independence. There is still a problem of poverty and unemployment on this island. After intense violence in the 1980s, the Nouméa Agreement was finally reached in 1998. After this agreement the people of New Caledonia got more political autonomy. Now once again France is trying to strengthen its hold on this island by changing the law.

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