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Found a soothing smell for men and an annoying smell for women. It is found in feces

This smell turned out to be a volatile substance called hexadecanal. It is excreted by the human body, and is contained in human respiration and feces. In order to understand how the smell affects men and women, a corresponding experiment was carried out. In total, it attracted about 127 people of both sexes aged 21 to 34 years. The participants had to play an online economic game by smelling clove oil in advance. Moreover, 50% of the participants added a hexadecanal to it.

As a result, it turned out that the women who sniffed the hexadecanal behaved aggressively during the game, while the men, on the contrary, reacted calmly to everything. For the reliability of this fact, the participants went through an MRI study of the brain, which confirmed that in women this smell causes an increase in the activity of neurons in the centers of aggression, and in men, on the contrary, the activity of neurons in these centers decreases.

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