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Former “VR Girlfriend” member’s new work “Summer Vacation” will be on Steam in March and spend time with the girl in the southern country

It’s a hot summer day, have a good time with the girls. The new VR game “Summer Vacation” is expected to launch in March.

“Summer Holiday” should be a new work released by Illusion, the developer of “VR Girlfriend”, a few years ago, and now it is developed and distributed by the newly established ALPHA-NEXT. According to the Japanese media Automaton , the ALPHA-NEXT team includes the former Mirage Club producer Oh Tsuru Naoyuki.

In this work, the player is entrusted to serve as the tutor of the heroine “Alice” (Alice) to visit Nanguo Beach. He was supposed to teach the class well, but was influenced by the girl’s playfulness and started playing.

The entertainment for two people includes breaking watermelon, shooting Frisbee, playing volleyball, fishing, drinking lovers’ drinks and other activities, among which there is a link to apply essential oils. Depending on the type of essential oil, there is a chance for a tanned wheatish complexion.

In addition to this story, it also includes cross-dressing functions such as changing hairstyles and replacing swimsuits, which can help girls dress up. In addition to purely viewing with eyes, there is also a photo mode where you can choose the scene and Joe’s angle to take beautiful photos for Alice.

“Summer Vacation” is expected to be released on March 24, 2022, supports Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and other head-mounted displays, and will have traditional Chinese subtitles.

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