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Forgot your Gmail account password? How to do recovery password without mail and phone number

Gmail Tips and Tricks for Password Recovery: It seems impossible to always remember the passwords of all the apps downloaded on your smartphone and in such a situation, recovering forgotten passwords is an even more difficult task. Gmail is Google’s mailing service, which will be used by all the people who benefit. Today we will tell you that if you forget your Gmail account password, how can you recover it without email IED and phone number. 

How to do recovery password without mail and phone number

Gmail password recovery will be done without email, phone number 

If you are a Gmail user then you would know that you need a recovery email ID or phone number to recover your Gmail account. There are also many users who do not save any recovery information. If you also come in the count of these users, then we tell you how you can recover the password of your Gmail account without this information. 

Keep these things in mind before processing 

First of all, we would like to tell you that without recovery email id and phone number, password can be recovered but it is a long process which takes a lot of time. Also, in order to complete this process successfully, it is necessary that your Gmail account is logged-in to a device and you can access that device. 

Follow these steps for password recovery 

First of all open Google and then search for ‘Google Account Recovery’ page and click on it. Now type your Gmail ID or username there and then go to ‘Next’. Here you will find ‘Enter your Password’, ‘Get Verification Email on Recovery Email’ and ‘Try Another Way to Sign In’ on the screen. Three options will appear. 

Click on the third option i.e. ‘Try another way to sign in’ and then you will get a notification on the logged-in account of your other device. In the notification, click on the ‘Yes’ option for verification and then within 72 hours you will be sent a link to reset the password from Google.

Keep in mind that this link will be valid for seven days only, so you will have to change your password in seven days. After changing the password, you can also set up a recovery mail, so that you will not have to go through this long process later.

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