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Forget the tension of slow internet, these tips will help you to increase Wi-Fi speed, see details.

New Delhi: The work-from-home culture is deeply rooted in the Kovid period. As such, you only have to rely on Wi-Fi. However, the speed of the Internet often seems to slow down even when important office work is in progress. As such, important work is delayed and unnecessary tension arises. As a result, users face many difficulties. In today’s fast paced world low internet speed is the only tension. Nowadays internet is being used extensively not only for office but also for entertainment. If you are having internet problem even after paying monthly fee to internet service provider, today we are going to tell you some such abandonment tips. Through which your Wi-Fi router Internet speed will be superfast. Let’s find out.

Place the Wi-Fi router in the center of the house: The center of your home is usually the best place to set up your Wi-Fi router. However, this advice may not be appropriate for every household. It also depends on where you use the internet the most. Most importantly, place the router in the center of the most important part of your home. Try placing the router in the center where you want the fastest speed. Sometimes the signal is interrupted by radio waves coming from other devices such as cordless phones, microphones and Bluetooth speakers. So if your router is in any corner of the house, you may have a problem with Wi-Fi speed.

Keep the router high: Routers tend to scatter their signals down. So it is best to mount the router as high as possible to increase coverage. Try placing it on a high bookshelf or on the wall. There should be no large electronic devices around: One thing to keep in mind if you want good router speed. Try to keep the router away from electronics and large metal objects. Walls near your router, large interruptions, and electronics interfere with the signal. For example, microwave 2. Emits strong signals in the 4 GHz band, which is one of the wireless bands of your router. Place a Wi-Fi booster between the router and the dead zone to give a Wi-Fi signal everywhere. In addition, the Powerline Extender Kit can be used. Use the Wi-Fi Signals app: Android users can check Wi-Fi signals through the Wi-Fi Analyzer app.

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