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Forget life insurance, now is the era of ‘cyber insurance’, know its benefits.

It’s the era of cyber insurance

After Reliance Jio created a stir in the Indian telecom market, one thing that happened was that the Internet expanded rapidly in India. Along with this, new threats also arose such as online scams, cyber crimes etc. Along with this, ‘Cyber ​​Insurance’ has also been launched in the market. After all, what is the use of these insurances, how do they benefit you and how are they different from other insurances?

If we look at the number of cyber frauds that took place across the country last year, their number is in lakhs. In such a situation, if by paying a few rupees you get protection from cyber fraud or other scams, then what is the harm in that? Just cyber insurance provides you such protection.

What is cyber insurance?

In cyber insurance, the policy holder gets protection from different types of cyber frauds. In this, financial losses caused due to cyber fraud through UPI, fraud through QR code, phishing, email spoofing etc. are covered. Not only this, this policy also protects you from unwanted transactions or fraud with the money lying in your bank account, credit or debit card.

Takes care of your privacy

Your privacy is also taken care of in cyber insurance policy. Meaning, the company also protects your personal digital information where you suffer any loss due to data leakage. Insurance providers compensate for such losses by paying claims.

Currently many companies in the country offer cyber insurance policies. These include SBI General Insurance to Bajaj Allianz, HDFC Ergo, etc. In these, you can take insurance ranging from Rs 50,000 sum assured to Rs 1 crore.


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