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Forget Bill’s Tension! ‘Hey’ AC runs without electricity, with up to Rs 4,000 per month savings, buy now

New Delhi: Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during this time, and only AC can do the job. Coolers and fans also fail this summer. However, not all air conditioners are affordable. (AC) Because, a while ago, AC was expensive, the cost of electricity also came. If you are also avoiding buying AC for the same reasons, no need to worry anymore. Your electricity bill will not be much. You can bring solar AC home. Solar ACs run on solar energy. These plates take energy from the sun. Their batteries are only charged by sunlight. Solar AC costs a lot more than normal AC. But with a one-time investment, you will never have to pay your electricity bill. Let us know about the solar AC available in the market.

SINFIN 1.5 Ton Solar PCU Split Inverter AC:

It is 1.5 ton AC and automatically adjusts for cooling. The device is designed to work on both solar power and the power grid. Compared to other ACs, it takes much less wattage and saves electricity. It comes with 1 year full product warranty. At the same time, 5 years PCB main board warranty and 10 years compressor warranty are being offered. It is priced at Rs 49,999.

Split Metallic Teramax Solar Air Conditioner:

Its capacity is up to 2 tons. Panel power is 300 W, 325 W. In terms of price, it is priced at Rs 65,000. The grid system will save 100% and is guaranteed for 2 years. It offers new technology which is AC / DC dual power supply.

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Apna Plastic / Fiber SWAY20 Solar Air Conditioner:

This solar AC has a capacity of 2 tons. 48/220 voltage is given in this AC. This is a plastic fiber split AC. It is priced at Rs 52,135. This saves 80% of electricity.

Savings up to Rs. 4,000: If you have 1.5 ton AC with 5 star rating. Which uses 1490 watts of power per hour. 1.5 units per unit is used. In such a situation 18 units are used if AC is run for 12 hours. About 7. At Rs 50 per unit, the daily bill comes to Rs 135. Which is around Rs. 4,000 per month.


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