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Forex Reserve: Then the country’s foreign exchange reserves decreased, fell by $ 3.85 billion to $ 524.52 billion

Forex Reserve: India’s foreign exchange reserves are continuously decreasing and this is also a matter of great concern for the Reserve Bank of India. Today RBI has released the data and told that the foreign exchange reserves of the country have gone down to the lowest level of more than 2 years.

How much did the country’s foreign exchange reserves become

The country’s foreign exchange reserves have come down by $ 3.85 billion to $ 524.52 billion in the week ended October 21. This is its lowest level in more than 2 years. RBI has released data and said that despite efforts being made to stop the continuous fall of rupee, there is a decrease in foreign exchange reserves.

Huge fall in spot forex reserves

The spot forex reserve, which had reached a record high of $ 642.45 billion in September last year, has now come down to $117.93 billion. Its steep decline is indicating that all is not as good as the golden period on the economic front.

Rupee’s fall is the big reason

The reason for the big fall in India’s foreign exchange reserves is that the country’s currency rupee is continuously going to lower levels, to stop which RBI may have to sell more dollars from its treasury. Due to this the forex reserve will decrease further.

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