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Foreign automakers in Russia are offered to return money to customers

According to Izvestia, foreign automakers were offered to buy faulty cars from Russians at the market price as of the time of return. Such a proposal to the Association of European Businesses (AEB) was made by the Union of Consumers of the Russian Federation.
The reason for the corresponding letter to the AEB was the current situation in the Russian market, when, due to the suspension of the supply of auto parts, the repair of cars under warranty began to become inaccessible to Russians.
According to the law “On the Protection of Consumer Rights”, the manufacturer is obliged to provide the buyer with the opportunity to use the goods during the entire service life, and if this is not established, then this requirement is valid for ten years from the date of sale.
Petr Shelishch, chairman of the Consumers Union, said that the organization had asked automakers to clarify how they are going to fulfill their obligations to customers in Russia and overcome the difficulties that have arisen in the future. So far, of the auto brands, only Porsche has responded to the request of the Union. Representatives of the German auto company said that the importer and the dealer network continue their work, and spare parts for auto repair are shipped from a warehouse in the Russian Federation.

Russian consumers need clarity, as do importers, as well as authorities and consumer advocates who are already taking legal action. They are based on the assumption that foreign manufacturers will not respect consumer rights. We believe that problems with warranty repairs will still be in the future, even if there are no actual complaints now.

Petr Shelishch

There are also reports that the lack of auto parts has led to an increase in the number of car thefts in Russia.

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