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Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup costs about 3.5 liters of fuel per 100 km to operate

In the United States, the EPA is responsible for evaluating the fuel and energy efficiency of vehicles, and it also provides all vehicles entering the local market with the appropriate rating. Even for electric vehicles, the indicator of conditional fuel efficiency remains here. The Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup recently confirmed that it can travel at least 368 km on a single charge.

A similar characteristic, as noted earlier, will have a basic version of an electric car worth about $ 40,000, and to access a power reserve of 480 km, you will have to pay at least $ 53,000. By the way, this pickup will have all-wheel drive in any case, even if equipped with the initial version batteries. According to the Electrek website, the base version of the F-150 Lightning received an official EPA rating with a range of 368 km. For every 160 km, the car consumes 49 kWh of battery charge, in the competing Rivian R1T, the latter figure does not exceed 48 kWh. The Ford vehicle also loses slightly in conventional fuel economy, only getting 68 miles on a gallon of fictitious fuel versus 70 for the Rivian. In terms more understandable to our readers, this means that the F-150 Lightning is comparable in consumption to a car that consumes 3.46 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

By the way, in the urban cycle, Ford is somewhat more efficient than the Rivian pickup truck, but inferior to it in efficiency when driving on the highway. Recall that the first generation of the Ford electric pickup uses a design inherited from the gasoline ancestor, which, in terms of mass and layout, is not optimized for electric driving, so compromises in energy efficiency are inevitable in this case. At advertised fuel consumption equivalents, electric pickups are sure to attract new buyers as fuel prices soar in the US.


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source: Electrek


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