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Following Apple and Likee: Viber messenger “landed” third in Russia

On January 1, the so-called “landing” law came into force in Russia — foreign companies with an audience of over 500,000 users per day were required to open a representative office and register in the Roskomnadzor system.

At the end of last week it became known that the company Apple has already begun to comply with this lawby creating personal account on the Roskomnadzor website. Representatives of the social network Likee also announced a similar step on Friday, having submitted an application and awaiting confirmation. Now received and personal account appeared.

Viber was the third company to comply with the Landing Law. The personal account of the popular messenger is also appeared Roskomnadzor website.

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Earlier, Roskomnadzor published a list of companies that fall under the law “on landing”. Among them are also Google, Meta Platforms, Twitter, TikTok and Telegram, and many others.



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