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Follow these simple tips for smartphone cleaning, your phone will be clean in minutes without any damage

New Delhi: We are using smartphone for hours. Not only that, but a few minutes though Smartphone It is not possible to do many things even if you do not have them. However, it is also important to take care of this smartphone which is used for hours. Often there are scratches on the screen. Also, fingerprints appear on the back panel. So Smartphone Needs to be cleaned. You can clean your smartphone yourself in just a few minutes. Many people do not clean their smartphones for fear of being damaged. However, we are going to tell you some simple tips, with the help of which you can easily clean the device and it will not cause any damage to the phone.

Make use of cotton

If you want to clean dirt and dust on your smartphone, use cotton. You do not want to soak the cotton, but keep it dry. Using cotton, you can easily clean the dust on the phone. Also, using cotton will not cause any scratches on the screen. You can gently clean the screen, back panel, camera module. This will make your phone shine in just a few minutes. You can also clean your smart watch, TV using cotton.

Make use of micro fiber cloth

If you are using a smartphone cleaner with alcohol, you should use a micro fiber cloth. This will not cause any damage to the screen and body of your smartphone. You can easily clean the smartphone better. If you have any problem while cleaning your smartphone, you can follow these tips. Many are keeping their smartphones clean during the Corona virus epidemic. You too can use these simple tips to better clean your phone.

Use a soft brush

You may have noticed that a very soft brush is used for painting. Brushes are also available in the market for cleaning smartphones. What is special is that the price of this brush is also low. It also allows you to remove dust from the smartphone’s speaker grille and microphone, without damaging the device. You can use these tips to clean even if you feel that the handset’s speaker is not making a proper sound. However, you only need to use a soft cloth to clean the screen and back panel.

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