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Flying Car: Flying car came in the market, take it home for 6.50 lakhs! View Features

Flying Car Price: Till now we have heard about flying cars, but none has hit the market. However, a company called Jetson Aero has started selling the Jestson One flying car. Read the details of this flying car here.

Thinking of a flying car, people’s minds create different pictures. Sometimes it seems like the flying cars of Hollywood movies will become reality. People are eagerly waiting for such flying cars, so that they can travel by air without sitting in the plane. However, one will not have to wait much for this as an aero company has started selling flying cars . Jetson Aero Ness has launched Jetson One, which is a flying car.

Till now we have heard about many flying cars, but the production of none has started. Different aero companies have been able to make only prototypes so far. However, they failed to generate sales. In such a situation, Jetson Aero has taken a big step by starting the booking of flying cars.

Booking Full for 2023

The company has received a good response from the customers as soon as the bookings started. This year the company will deliver 200 flying cars, bookings for which have already been done. Currently, orders are being taken for delivery in 2023. Till the time of writing the news, a total of 264 Jetson One bookings have been done.

Flying Car Price

American startup company Jetson Aero has launched the Jetson One flying car for $ 98,000 (about Rs 80.20 lakh). If someone wants to buy a flying car, then he can take it home by paying a down payment of $ 8,000 (about Rs 6.53 lakh). Technically, the Jetson One is an electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle (eVOTL).

no pilot license required

eVOTL means that the Jetson One uses electric power to fly, hover, take off and land directly. According to the US Federal Aviation Administration regulation, Jetson One will come in the category of ultralight vehicle. No pilot license will be required to fly it. However, these rules are only valid for the US.

Flying car will fly up to a height of 1,500 feet

This flying car has 88 kW battery pack and 8 electric motors. With the electric powertrain, the Jetson One can complete a flight of 20 minutes (32km) at a top speed of 102km/h. Apart from this, this flying car can touch a height of 1,500 feet.


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