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Flipkart in trouble for selling acid despite Supreme Court ban

Flipkart, one of the big e-commerce companies, is in trouble for allegedly selling acid on its platform. Delhi Police officials have questioned Flipkart executives regarding the sale of acid despite the Supreme Court ban. Police said these executives were questioned on Wednesday and they are not satisfied with their answers.

On December 15, the police had issued a notice to Flipkart after the main accused in the acid attack on a girl in west Delhi informed that he had bought acid from an e-commerce website. The company replied that the acid was sold by an Agra-based firm. Police said a decision on re-interrogating the executives would be taken later. As per the directions given in a case in the Supreme Court, about nine years back the Ministry of Home Affairs prepared a report on measures to prevent acid attacks on people and rehabilitation of victims in such cases. Advisory was issued.

The ministry had asked all the states and union territories to immediately implement the measures given in the advisory to prevent acid attack cases. Earlier, on behalf of Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) also for selling acid to Amazon and Flipkart. notice was given. The DCW has asked both the companies to provide the reasons for the availability of the acid and the details of the vendors who sell such dangerous acid at their sites. In the notice, the DCW had said, “The easy availability of acid on online platforms is a matter of grave concern and should be stopped immediately.”

Even before this, there have been cases of sale of some dangerous products through e-commerce companies. The DCW has also sought information from these companies about the steps taken to remove the banned items. Earlier, Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari had asked e-commerce company Amazon to remove the listings of seatbelt alarm blockers from its platform. These blockers turn off the alarm for seatbelts in cars. The company said that this product will not be available on its website.

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