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Flipkart Gears Up for a Third Bite at the Quick Commerce Cherry: Flipkart Minutes Incoming?

Flipkart, the Walmart-backed e-commerce giant in India, is reportedly planning a return to the quick commerce arena with the launch of “Flipkart Minutes.” This would mark Flipkart’s third attempt at capturing a slice of the rapidly growing market for speedy deliveries.

Quick Commerce: A Booming Market in India

The quick commerce market in India is witnessing explosive growth. According to Mordor Intelligence estimates, the market value reached $3.34 billion in 2024 and is projected to nearly triple to $9.95 billion by 2029. This surge is fueled by consumers’ increasing desire for instant gratification and the convenience of having groceries, essentials, and even electronics delivered within minutes.

Flipkart’s Previous Quick Commerce Attempts

This wouldn’t be Flipkart’s first foray into the quick commerce space. The company previously experimented with “Flipkart Quick,” offering 90-minute deliveries. However, this service failed to gain significant traction compared to established players like Zepto and Blinkit, which boast delivery times as fast as 15 minutes.

Learning from the Past: Flipkart Minutes Aims for 15-Minute Deliveries

Sources close to the matter suggest that Flipkart Minutes is aiming to hit the ground running with a 15-minute delivery target, directly challenging its quick commerce rivals. This focus on speed aligns with current consumer expectations in the market.

Leveraging Existing Strengths: Supply Chain Advantage

One of Flipkart’s potential advantages in the quick commerce race is its established supply chain infrastructure. The company plans to leverage this network to ensure efficient and rapid deliveries.

Beyond Groceries: Electronics on the Menu Too?

While groceries and essentials are likely to be a core focus for Flipkart Minutes, reports suggest the service might also cater to electronics deliveries. This could give Flipkart a unique edge in the quick commerce space, as most competitors primarily concentrate on groceries and daily necessities.

Strengthening the Foundation: Enhanced Grocery Fulfillment Centers

Flipkart is also reportedly bolstering its grocery fulfillment capabilities. The recent launch of a new grocery store in Jaipur with a high dispatch capacity suggests a commitment to improving their backend operations to support faster deliveries.

A Competitive Landscape: Can Flipkart Minutes Succeed?

The quick commerce market in India is already crowded with established players like Zepto, Blinkit, and Dunzo. To carve out a niche, Flipkart Minutes will need to demonstrate its ability to consistently deliver on its 15-minute promise while offering a competitive product selection.

Transparency and Communication: Key to Building Trust

A successful launch will also hinge on clear communication with customers. Keeping users informed about service availability, delivery areas, and potential hurdles is crucial for building trust and attracting a loyal customer base.

The Race for Quick Commerce Supremacy Heats Up

Flipkart’s re-entry into the quick commerce space promises to further intensify competition in this rapidly evolving market. With its established brand presence and potential supply chain advantages, Flipkart Minutes could become a significant player. However, its success will depend on its ability to deliver on its 15-minute service promise, offer a compelling product range, and gain consumer trust in this fast-paced environment.


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