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Five Signs Indicating Psychological Food Addiction

According to experts, if food for you is a way to forget about some negative events in your life, to improve your mood, then this may indicate addiction. There are five signs of such psychological dependence.

  1. Emotional addiction… In other words, this is when you are not eating because you are hungry, but because of depression or even just out of boredom. So you kind of calm yourself down. It is important that this may not necessarily be a high-calorie meal – dependence is also possible on a glass of coffee, when unpleasant emotions, stress, etc. are “washed down” in this way.
  1. Bad dream… A person does not get enough sleep, but due to the increase in the period of wakefulness, according to endocrinologist, candidate of medical sciences Yuri Poteshkin, he wants to eat even more.
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