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Five secret special forces of the USSR

The author of the article notes that five were classified as especially secret units. They included divers, scouts and other specialists.

  1. ROSNAZ… This subdivision of reconnaissance divers began to form in 1941. For a long time, according to the documents, the company was considered a training detachment at EPRON (Special Purpose Underwater Expedition). In total, this company consisted of 146 people. They were mainly engaged in obtaining the necessary data for the authorities, but sometimes they participated in blowing up bridges and roads, damaged telegraph lines in the territory occupied by the Germans. This company was disbanded in 1945.
  1. “Zenith”… The detachment was created in 1979. Its purpose was to carry out special tasks in Afghanistan. Scouts acted under the guise of Soviet engineers. They needed to find out everything about the situation in the country, if necessary, they were involved in various secret operations. For example, they helped several ministers leave the country, whom the head of state Hafizullah Amin wanted to crack down on. Another such operation was called “Storm-333”. After its completion, this detachment, together with the “Thunder” detachment, was disbanded.
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