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Five modes of transport that will appear in cities in the future

According to the author, the process of abandoning private cars will go faster over time. As a result, people will switch to other modes of transport. Their first prototypes appear now.

  1. Moving sidewalks… This idea was proposed by Swiss scientists from the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (EPFL). Now we can see such travelators at airports, shopping centers, at exhibition grounds. However, researchers are going to use them to move residents of large cities within the city itself at speeds up to 15 km / h. This will save space as the walkway is 1.2 meters wide. In addition, one track will transport up to 7 thousand people per hour, while the car is now capable of transporting 750-1800 people on a simple road in 60 minutes.
  1. Levitating elevators… In the future, elevators will be able to move people along the streets, that is, ride horizontally. Now one such model has already been tested – it is called the Multi. It is planned to use it in Berlin in one of the tallest buildings (140 m). The cab will be able to move thanks to the electromagnetic field, and not with the help of cables.
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