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First use of iPhone 14 Call for Help via satellite in British Columbia

The iPhone 14’s communications satellite feature has recently been reported to have helped rescue two women who were stranded in a blackout near a small village called McBride in British Columbia, Canada.

The women got into a car accident, after which they drove about 20 km, but the car finally broke down. One of the women had an iPhone 14, with which they signaled to the emergency services, transferring their coordinates.

The Apple call center transmitted the data to the 911 service, the rescuers who arrived got the car out of the snow and saved the women. Dwight Yohim, senior manager of the Search and Rescue Volunteer Association of Canada, said this is the first use of the new feature in British Columbia.

“There was no cell service, but one of them had a new Apple phone with SOS. As far as I know, the SOS function is being used for the first time in British Columbia,” he said.

Dwight Yohim previously reported that the crash detection feature in the new iPhone 14 often does not work correctly.


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